Refund Policy and Return Procedures for Trusco Services

1. Booking and Attendance

  • Session Attendance: Trusco is not liable if a user fails to attend a booked session without requesting a postponement at least 72 hours in advance. In such cases, the user forfeits the right to a refund.
  • Punctuality: Users are responsible for attending sessions on time. Any delay will be deducted from the allocated session time.
  • Time Zone Consideration: Sessions are scheduled according to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). Users must consider their local time zone differences when booking.

2. Technical Requirements

  • Internet Connectivity: Users are responsible for ensuring a stable internet connection. Trusco is not accountable for disruptions due to poor internet service and will not reschedule or postpone sessions for this reason.

3. Usage of Materials and Reports

  • Confidentiality of Reports: Users must not share or claim ownership of any reports provided by Trusco, except for their final deliverables (e.g., CV, cover letter, etc.). Unauthorized sharing of preliminary reports is prohibited and subject to legal action.

4. Communication and Conduct

  • Professional Boundaries: Personal contact with session advisors outside of Trusco channels is prohibited. Any violation of this policy may result in legal action.
  • Respectful Interaction: Users must refrain from discussing political, religious, or indecent topics. Trusco advisors reserve the right to terminate a session immediately under such circumstances, with no refund or rebooking option.

5. Official Communication

  • Authorized Channels: Email and WhatsApp are the official means of communication between Trusco and users.

6. Copyright and Recording

  • Intellectual Property: Trusco retains copyright over all session materials and recordings. These are not shared publicly and are used solely for quality control.
  • Recording Prohibition: Users are not allowed to record or capture any part of the sessions, whether group or individual. Breaching this rule is subject to legal consequences.

7. Accuracy of User Information

  • Responsibility for Information: Users are accountable for providing correct contact details. Trusco sends reminders and final reports to the email provided by the user, assuming its accuracy.

8. Submission and Response Time

  • Document Submission: Users must submit initial versions of documents (e.g., CV, cover letter) within 7 days for review. Trusco advisors will return the final version within 3 business days. Documents submitted after 7 days will not be accepted.
  • Email Checks: Users should regularly check their email, including the Spam folder, for communications from Trusco.

9. Service Exchange and Gifting

  • Non-exchangeable Services: Booked services cannot be exchanged for other services.
  • Gifting Workshop Seats: Users may gift their place in a group workshop to someone else, provided they notify Trusco 24 hours in advance via [object Object].

10. Advisory Sessions

  • Camera Use: While it’s recommended to activate cameras for a more interactive experience, it is not mandatory.
  • Right to Withhold Information: Users have the discretion to withhold any information from the session advisor.

11. Refund Policy

  • Refund Eligibility: Users are entitled to refunds under specific conditions outlined in our refund policy.

12. Feedback and Complaints

  • Service Satisfaction: If you have concerns or are dissatisfied with our services, please contact us at [object Object] with the subject line “Report a Problem.”

13. Recording Policy

  • Quality Control: Advisory sessions are recorded for quality assurance purposes only and are confidential.